A NETCONFc license allows you to use the software, update to new releases and access to technical support on a prepaid basis for the desired period of time.

You will receive new license files each time after paying fees for the selected period of time.

You can choose between two types of licenses:

     Computer Node-Locked Licenses

  • You can only run NETCONFc on the licensed computer. This is recommended for very small quantities of licenses.
  • If you want to go with a node-locked license and also want to achieve portability, you can use a wired or wireless USB network adapter. The license file can be tied to that NIC card and you can move the USB NIC card around. This USB NIC card doesn't need to be connected to any network as long as it is plugged onto the computer on which you want to run NECONFc.
  • Just remember send us the MAC address of your USB NIC card when you request your official license file. 

     Floating Licenses

  • The floating license is best suited for a team with multiple engineers.
  • Floating licenses enable license sharing and can potentially reduce the cost. For example, even if you only have 5 floating licenses, 100 engineers can share these 5 licenses, as long as there are at most 5 engineers are using it at the same time.
  • A license server application needs to bet set up so that your team members can check out licenses from it.

  •   Order Online and pay with check, credit card or bank transfer, or
  •   Request a Quote and send us a purchase order, or
  •   Contact us if there is anything we can do for you  

Support and Software Update Policy

All purchase comes with email technical support and access to any software updates as long as you have an active valid license.


Shipping & Returns Policy

All products are shipped electronically. No refund will be issued after an official license file has been issued to the end user. Please use our trial version before making purchases.