Using SSH local forwarding tunnel

We will use Putty ( to show how you can set up a SSH tunnel.

Create a new session in PuTTY 

Assuming your your SSH server has an IP address, and your NETCONF server has a private address and it can be accessed through the host

and then select the "Tunnels" tab in the "SSH" section

In the Source port text box enter 830. This is the port PuTTY will listen on on your local machine. It can be any standard Windows-permitted port.
In the Destination field immediately below Source port enter This setting instruct your SSH server to forward the connection
to an private IP port 830. 

Note if the NETCONF server is running on the remote host itself, but it can be only accessed from
the localhost itself, 
then you need to create a tunnel with a different source port number such as 8830 to to
destination localhost:830 

Click the "Add" button and the screen should look like this,

Save your tunnel configuration by returning to the "Session" tab and click "Save"


Now click "Open" to establish your SSH tunneling tunnel.

Then start NETCONFc, select "Connect | Over SSH", in the "Host" field, enter "", and also enter values for other fields
such as "User name" and "Password" , and then you should be able to connect to your remote server.



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