Segue-Soft MasterYANG™ is a visual YANG editor for NETCONF data model designers.

Use this tool to create or edit your data models in an IDE quickly and easily, with a schema tree editor and a text editor work side-by-side.

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MasterYANG Key Features:

   Lightweight, Visual and Self-contained

Build data modules and sub-modules quickly using simple dialog and wizards
Visualize YANG schema hierarchy in a tree
Convert to YIN, and Canonical YANG format 

   Dual Editors   

Provides a built-in schema tree editor
Edit schema tree directly via copy, duplicate, reorder and drag-n-drop operations
Supports a full text editor working with schema tree editor side-by-side

   YANG Compiler

Provides a built-in YANG compiler 

   YANG Module Explorer

View all your YANG modules in a YANG module explorer

   YANG Version Supported

YANG 1.0 (RFC6020)
YANG 1.1 (RFC7950)

   Operating System Supported

Micosoft Windows