Why SegueSoft created FortLM?

We need a license manger in our software products. FlexLM seems to be a good choice but it's just too expensive for us. Aside from cost, there are other reasons too. Based on our experience with FlexLM, it can be rather difficult to use and troubleshoot because internally it uses two daemon processes  and employs two ports by design. If you have used FlexLM protected products you must know sometimes it is very confusing to use 'LM_LICENSE_FILE' to locate the correct license file especially when there are more than one FlexLM license servers are running

In contrast, FortLM uses modern 1024-bit digital signing technology and certificate validation based asymmetric public and private key encryption algorithm. This is evidently more secure and simple than traditional license managers that use symmetric encryption because there tremendous efforts are spent to hide shared encryption keys in the application. That made things a lot complicated than it should be!

With FortLM each application uses a different environment variable chosen by the vendor to locate its license file. You will never get confused which license file you are using and where it is located as with FlexLM's singular LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable that is shared by all applications. Additionally FortLM uses only one license server daemon process and one single port for each license server instance!