Seguesoft NETCONFc™ is an easy-to-use NETCONF Browser tool for NETCONF/YANG developers and test engineers.  

Please take a few moments to try NETCONFc Free Trial and see how this well-designed tool can help you browse, edit, test and work with your NETCONF server implementation quickly and easily.

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NETCONFc Key Features:

  New! NETCONF Call Home Support  (RFC8071). 
      RESTCONF (RFC8040)
      Browsing and editing server configuration with ease
      Generates NETCONF <get>, <get-config> and <edit-config> automatically by pointing and clicking
      Supports all IETF YANG modules such as RFC6021, RFC6022, RFC6536 etc.
      Handles all compliant proprietary YANG modules defined by vendors
      Automatically generates all IETF standard NETCONF operation
      Automatically generates all standard RPCs defined in IETF standard track YANG modules 
      Automatically generates all user-defined RPCs in vendor's private modules
      With-defaults Capability for NETCONF ( RFC 6243 )
      Partial Lock Remote Procedure Call for NETCONF (RFC 6022)

   Python Scripting

Python scripting with sample scripts

   NETCONF Protocol Version Supported

NETCONF 1.1 ( RFC6241 ) and  NETCONF 1.0 ( RFC4741 ) 
NETCONF over Secure Shell ( SSH, RFC6242 )
NETCONF over TLS (RFC5539 and  RFC7589 )

   YANG Version Supported

YANG 1.0 ( RFC6020 )
YANG 1.1 ( RFC7950 )

   Event Notification 

NETCONF Event Notification ( RFC 5277 and RFC 6470)
Receives and displays all standard track as well as proprietary user-defined notifications

   IP Version Supported

   Operating Systems Supported

Micosoft Windows, MacOS (TBA 2021), Linux (TBA, 2021)


*The IETF Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) is the next generation of network management protocol that provides numerous advantages over the traditional Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Coupled with YANG, the modern feature-rich data modeling language that is used to model device configuration and state data, NETCONF/YANG is rapidly gaining the industry support.