NETCONFc™ is an easy-to-use NETCONF Browsing tool for NETCONF/YANG developers and test engineers. 

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NETCONFc Product Features

  • Browsing and editing server configuration with ease
  • Generates NETCONF <get>, <get-config> and <edit-config> automatically by pointing and clicking
  • Supports all IETF YANG modules such as RFC6021, RFC6022, RFC6536 etc.
  • Handles all compliant proprietary YANG modules defined by vendors
  • Automatically generates all IETF standard NETCONF operation
  • Automatically generates all standard RPCs defined in IETF standard track YANG modules 
  • Automatically generates all user-defined RPCs in vendor's private modules


     NETCONF 1.1 ( RFC6241 ) and  NETCONF 1.0 ( RFC4741 ) 
     NETCONF over Secure Shell ( SSH, RFC6242 )
     NETCONF over TLS (RFC5539 and  RFC7589 )
     NETCONF Call Home Support  (RFC8071)
     RESTCONF (RFC8040)
     YANG 1.0 ( RFC6020 )
     YANG 1.1 ( RFC7950 )
     With-defaults Capability for NETCONF ( RFC 6243 )
     Partial Lock Remote Procedure Call for NETCONF (RFC 6022)
     NETCONF Event Notification ( RFC 5277 and RFC 6470)

     Operating Systems Supported: Microsoft Windows